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Paul Marsh


Paul Marsh, who was born in Connecticut, joined the United States Army in 1952, spending the next two years in the Army Medical Corps dental Division at Brooks Army Hospital in Texas.  After active duty, he attended San Antonio College and Trinity University before moving to Arizona and graduating from ASU with a BS in Market and Salesmanship, receiving the Outstanding Marketing Graduate Award in 1960.


Exhausting his GI bill before graduation, Paul went to work for JC Penney, which led to a 29-year career in the retail field.  During this period, he also worked with Montgomery Ward and in his own business.  On a side note, he taught business courses at Pima Community College for 10 years.  In 1993, Paul was elected to the Pima County Board of Supervisors and during his tenure, was involved in the commissioning of the U.S.S. Tucson submarine, first at Norfolk, VA, and then in its dedication at San Diego, CA.


Through the years, as an Eagle Scout and a member of the Distinguished Toastmasters International, he did volunteer work in education and with students in the Tucson Unified School District, Acosta Job Coups Center and Junior Achievement, helping students design and develop a product reflecting American Capitalism.  In addition, he taught 3rd graders the financial elements of modern business at the Quincy Douglas Library.

Other projects in Paul Marsh’s life include: the Greater Tucson Economic Council, the Budget Advisory Board serving as a member.  The Transportation Planning Board, and the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board, serving as Chairman.  It was on this last board that he assisted veterans in procuring housing. In 1997, he worked with the Tucson Local Organizing Committee to bring the National Senior Olympics to Tucson.  He was also active with the Eastside Neighborhood Volunteers transporting older veterans and seniors to the VA Hospital and their doctors’ offices.


Paul is a member of the Saquaro Canyon church, helping the elderly with assistance in home repairs.  The church’s military veterans, including Paul, range from World War II to the present time.  They have demonstrated unique talents and effort by the support they offer their local Secrest Middle School and the Community at Large.


Some years ago, November 2007, he started working on a much-needed Veterans' cemetery location for the Tucson Metro area.  He has pursued this cemetery in spite of the many roadblocks, detours and red tape. In November 2014 there was a ground-breaking ceremony, to kick off the construction for our new Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery located in the Town of Marana. As the only surviving founder and without his perseverance this newest dedicated military veterans' burial facility would not have happened.   130,000 metro veterans applauded his efforts and with a big appreciative "thank you."  Paul once said that his death would be the only thing that would stop him from the completion of a proper resting place for his fellow veterans.  Our Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery was dedicated on March 26th, 2016 with 800 fellow veterans, family members and supporting veteran service representatives in attendance.


Today, Paul helps chair the Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Foundation, Inc., Marana IRS 501c3 organization.  The prime AVMC Foundation's mission is to generate funds from our community to make the most beautiful resting place possible for the veterans and their family members.  They will be at home forever.  Amen.

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Why You Should Join 
  • Serving on the board is an opportunity to do even more for the organization that you are already passionate about.

  • As a board member you are entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility to see that donor funds are well spent, and to protect their best interests and the best interests of the organization.

  • You will get to work on the Foundation's strategic direction, alongside some of the most passionate staff, to continue enhancement and beautification of projects inside the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery - Marana grounds.

  • You have a skill set. Maybe you’re bringing experience with finance, or a legal perspective, or maybe you’re a connector and you can bring in community or business leaders to the organization. 

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