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The membership program not only gives you fantastic benefits, but your membership dollars directly benefit the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery in Marana. 


Application for membership may be made by any individual, organization or corporation in supporting the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery in Marana or in the activities of the Foundation. 

Benefits of membership: 

  • Opportunities to participate in educational and awareness activities

  • Contribute to the Foundation's activity and project planning

  • Opportunities to add your voice to increase awareness for veteran causes

  • Publicity for your organization or corporation

  • Invitation to our Annual Meeting 

Membership meetings are currently held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.   


Membership level

Thanks for submitting!

life MEMBERs

We could not accomplish our mission without the support, generosity, and enthusiasm of our members. We want to recognize YOU because YOU are making a difference.


Anderson, Sara 
Biggers, Edwin
Bring, Susan
Bryd, Samual
Collins, David
Crandall, Jeff
Crandall, Denise
Dudelston (Monroe), Bonnie  
Durst, Wes    
Ehlers, Wesley J
Fong, Paula J
Grasky, Jim   

Hague, Wendell

Harris, Ana C 

Henderson, Ana

Hollis, Ann        

Limoges, Raymonde

Marks, Antonia

Marsh, Paul

McElroy, Tammie

Mitchell, Kathy

Newman, Ron

Reidler, Mark

Rhodes, Margi

Robinson, Ken

Rocker, Ly Anh

Ross, Walter L.

Schierer, Larry
Schou, Dirck
Score, Roger
Seia, David
Shambo, Betty
Shambo, Joe
Shambo, Shane
Shambo, Thomas
Sidoroff, Mary J
Taylor, Ann
Tejeda, Anna
Teugh, Richard
Walman, Patricia
Walter, Tim

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